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Eh. Everyone picks on me too much.

I don't know if I belong anywhere at school. -__-

So today, I saw that Dylan wore the shirt I gave him. c: It made me secretly happy. I didn't get to actually talk to him today, though. He forgot that I walk over to his sixth period class to meet up with him... >_< So he ended up walking away before I showed up. But it's alright because he felt horrible and stuff. I shouldn't be so weird anyways. He claimed it was sweet, but ehhhh. >////>

I've been talking to Lee a bit lately. He's really insightful and wise for a teenager. He's very nice, too. I think he'd make a great therapist because he's kinda replacing Dr. Feldman for me, at the moment. XD

I think the reason why I was so melancholy today was because I didn't get to talk to Dylan. Typical creeper. Oh well. I'm really tired, so good night. ^~^

Peace out, homey-G. lol.
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So today was both crappy and cool.

First of all, I made the grave mistake of wearing a low-cut top. (I had no idea it was so low-cut until I got to school and noticed guys looking at me. >_>) At snack, my friend Steven tossed a quarter down into my shirt. This pissed me off and I marched away to Euro.

Then, in Algebra, Wyn kept staring at my chest. (Which was partially my fault because I have bad posture...) It pissed me off because he kept texting me, "Your hot, your sexxy." Grr... I really didn't need him saying all that. Apparently, he was trying to get me to hook up with him. That boy must be desperate.

Then, COLIN throws a quarter down my shirt. GRRRRRRRRR.

But thank goodness for little miracles. A few minutes before the final bell rang, I left J-lism and walked over to Euro to see Dylan. My friend Brett followed me over there for lack of something to do. But I lost him halfway, so... yeah, whatevers. :P But Dylan gave me his cute little hug and we walked to his locker, talking about how tired he was and how he always tells me to punch people when they are mean to me. XD He's so silly. And later, when I was texting him and telling him about how shitty I felt, he was sweet enough to compliment me. He said I looked purty today. :3


I have to finish up my English project now.

So late.
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Today was pretty chill. I noticed a few things, though.

First of all, I realized that the way I walk is extremely different to how I used to walk. I used to walk standing up straight and just not paying attention to the way my body moved... But today, I became aware of the fact that I walk with my back not straight (I have no idea how to describe this...), pigeon-toed, and I walk from heel-to-toe... Which makes your strides smoothe and not bouncy. This, I learned in ROTC. I dunno, I was walking to my English class when I had the epiphany. Pretty... Interesting...?

Another thing I noticed was that my Jack Skellington jacket is enormous on me. Not like I care. I'll wear it anyway. :|

The final thing, or composition of things, that I became aware of were small nuances of Dylan. When I gave him a hug today, I noticed that he was really rigid. Kinda seemed awkward... Like, maybe he's not used to hugging girls... (And whenever I hug someone, something, or rather, some things, get in the way...) I also noticed that he's pretty much always got a smile on his face. He's got a really wide grin when he smiles. It's pretty adorable, really. He was also walking really close to me, when we were headed towards his locker. It was so funny cuz I had to keep dodging poles and people to keep up with him and stuff. Everything was trying to come between us... Oh noez... Maybe that's FOREBODING?!?!?!


I think I'm going to try and sleep now. Since Dylan isn't talking to me, I have no urgent reason to stay up. :/

Layturrr. :B
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So Lost premierd tonight. :3 Pretty badass, regarding the fact that I didn't even get to finish watching it. Oh wells. I'll just watch it live next time. :/

So yeah. I'm still all "ooooh omg" about Dylan. I know it's really... girly and stuff, but I couldn't care less about what other people think about my boy preferences. >:P

He's pretty much the sweetest boy I've ever spoken to... And he's precious. So... Yeah.

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19 January 2009 @ 10:46 pm
I kinda spilt the beans to Dylan over AIM. I was talking to him about how I've been sad about something, and I hinted that it was something that a girl wouldn't want to tell a certain boy. And... Now... I'm going to tell him in person, because telling someone over the Internet is really impersonal. Even so, I'm blushing and my heart is both pounding and ceasing to beat at the same time.

Why is this happening...?!

I need to like... URGHH. I'm sure he's gonna tell me how he isn't interested in that kind of thing. Him and his friends are just those kinda guys. The guys that stick together and don't associate with girls.

Oh well.

I guess I had it coming to me.
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We kicked some major ass(lolicon) at the Color Guard competition at Ramona today. We pulled two 1st places and a 2nd place. *victory dance*

I don't really feel like elaborating. But I think that if anyone is really interested, these two pictures explain everything.



Great fun.

So, I don't feel like typing out my boy problems. I just think Dylan is getting tired of me. Oh wells. It happens.

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15 January 2009 @ 11:18 pm
Today was pretty lame. I spent all day thinking about Dylan. It was pathetic. I would listen to certain songs, such as Always by blink-182, and stuff would go through my head. -__- I felt so lame. I kept thinking, 'Stop this, Ashley, this is just stupid.'

There's some gay rally tomorrow that's called "Battle of the Sexes". I just know that my friends and I will be yelling, "BRING ON THE SEX!" Yeah, I hang out with perverts.

I get to skip the first half of ROTC to go and do a Color Guard at Hermosa Valley middle school. Exactly like the one that I went to last time, except I'm right guard instead of left guard. Hopefully, I won't have to mow down a small child to march off of the presentation area. Oh ho ho ho.

I'm tired. So I'm gonna let all my Radiohead music finish DL'ing and then I'll go to sleep. Maybe text Dylan before I konk out.

Night, LJ.
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14 January 2009 @ 08:50 pm
I really can't stand how much I like this kid. It's annoying me. He's not the annoying one... But I wish he would just tell me that I'm a creeper so I can leave him alone and wallow in self pity.

I'm so tired of all this. I'm supposed to be writing a story for the paper, but I'm already getting writer's block.

I'm too damn lazy, sometimes.
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13 January 2009 @ 07:02 pm
So Colin and I broke up. He's running around telling people that I dumped him. And today, we were bickering during ROTC. I really think he hates me now or something... D:

So... Other than Colin being a meanie, today was pretty funny... I wore my new Beatles shirt, a pair of plain old jeans, a plaid jacket, my aviators, and my blue Chucks. I was walking over to Dylan and co.'s hangout spot under the big tree by the library and I noticed all the guys were staring at me. I kinda started freaking out cuz Dylan glanced at me, then doubletook and was staring at me. Made me kinda self-conscious... But yeah. When I got closer to the group, I noticed that Dylan was wearing the exact same Beatles shirt that I had on. I was like, "DYLAN!! WHAT'D YOU DO THAT FOR?!" We squabbled for a minute. Josh pointed out that I stole something from each of them. The jeans from all of them, the sunglasses from Kyle (he always wears sunglasses), the Chucks and plaid from Jono. He laughed and said that all I needed to sum it up was a beanie to have stolen from him.

Ugh... except for that part, my day sucked.

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06 January 2009 @ 11:13 pm
So... Dylan wore his Pink Floyd shirt to schooool today. He said that everyone loved it. Im glad he likes it.


So, in seventh period, I was telling Alexis and Monique about how I was talking to this one girl about my ex boyfriend. She had asked me if I had sex with him and I had replied, "Naw, I'm saving my virginity!" And I patted my jeans for emphasis. XD And as I got to the part about the whole I-patted-my-jeans part, and acted it out, I noticed that it was really quiet in the background. I turned to look and everyone on the other Color Guard was staring at me. Colin, the little pervert, was giggling and giving me these puppy dog eyes. I was like "OH MY GOOOOOD NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" And I hid behind the flag. >_<

Sigh... Oh! Lol after youth group, I was texting Dylan and hinted that he had forgotten to call me back the other day... All of a sudden, my phone goes crazy. I check it, and it's Dylan calling me. I was like, "Crap I didn't mean to make him call me... >__<" So I answered and we talked. Brian kept trying to get me to hang up the phone, but I ran away and hid behind a car. He and Travis both tried sneaking up on me, but I was too ninja for them. So I dodged their attempts at trying to make me hang up for 14 minutes and 59 seconds. It was awesome. Although, Brian kept glaring at me and Mo flipped me off. XD

Imma stop dis so I can chat with Dylan. :P

So bai.
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