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29 March 2009 @ 01:46 am
I Look At The World And I Notice It's Turning  
So, a lot has happened in the past few weeks.

First being that a few days after my last post, my friend Brian's mom passed away. He missed school for five days, and Monique missed for two or three. Devastating...

Really, I have nothing to complain about in comparison to a loss like that...

But here's my gripe:

I got a bad grade in Algebra that brought my overall grade down to a D+, which triggered a chain reaction of events. My mom yelled, threatened to ground me in the strangest ways, got pissed at everyone. I think we're cool now, though. Three of my C's are now B's, so I'm doing well.

Uhh... I really don't know how to put this.
I refuse to admit that I have a crush on anyone. Because they're stupid and they ruin new friendships. But I'm not gonna deny the fact that I like my friend Jono. I don't like-like him--I don't think--but I like him more than a lot of my friends. He's not some pussy poser that pretends to be something they're not. I totally respect him, too. Kinda showed me how to be me, if that makes any sense. And he prolly doesn't even give a crap that he helped. We complain to eachother about tools and jerks and preps and sluts at school. I thought we were buds and stuff.

But then he just mentioned that Cosi, our friend, is his new replacement for Karen, his past crush. I don't know if he likes her, and kudos to him if he does, but it just bugs me that someone else can spring into his life and get all this attention from him.

Oh well, that's the ugly girl's burden.

Time for more crunches and curls.
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