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14 March 2009 @ 10:36 pm
She's A Rebel, Vigilante; She's Assault On The Earth And She's Dangerous!  
I'm so tired.

I've been up since 3:45 this morning. Got ready for the competition. Went to school. Ward and I were the only ones there. It was five or ten minutes before someone else showed up.

Anyways, the competition went pretty well, other than the inspections. Armed Regulation Drill was great. Poule stayed in-step and aligned to me, which was a miracle. I don't think anyone screwed up during the actual drill portion. But the inspection was horrible. No one knew their knowledge. I actually studied last night and memorized the general orders that I didn't know. And with my luck, the cadet D.I. asked me to recite those two that I learned. What a concept: studying before a competition. Geez... :/ A few guys only knew their first general order, and they were all higher ranks than me (except for Sanchez, he's a staff sergeant, too).

The Color Guard inspection was sort of worse, though. Holtson called Unsling Arms, and we executed it correctly. Drew and I marched out and caught the cased colors. We loosened the tie, and made sure that the opening of the case was as loose as possible. Blink. Step. Blink. Step. Blink. Step. Drew was having trouble folding his case. I went as slowly as possible. But Drew decided to just leave his case folded incorrectly. It's not like mine was perfect. But I was almost positive that I could get it into the koala pouch. We tucked the folded cases under our slings. Blink. Face. I shout, "Present-" Clack. "-Arms!" Salute. I paused, looking over Holtson's shoulder. "Order... Arms!" Clack. Holtson called Post March and we stepped, stepped, stepped, faced, stepped, faced, together. I flipped the koala pouch open and it only took me maybe ten seconds to get the case in. However, Drew's case wouldn't fit into the pouch. So he had to re-fold it. Twice. I kept my hand on my respective koala pouch, ready to signal to Holtson that we were ready. It felt like five minutes. It might have been more. But finally, Drew managed to get the case into the pouch without breaking his bearing (from what I could tell). Poke. Holtson called... something. Drew and I faced, stepped, together, faced, stepped, together. Ready, cut. "Sling-" Clack. "-Arms!" The rifles flip under and around and then back into our hips. Clack. Clack. We tightened our slings. Then, clack. Clack. Port Arms.

After that, we did the actual regulation. I'm pretty sure we went off the drill pad. I was up on a curb and almost fell onto Holtson. There was no way in hell that I was going to break my bearing and have him get mad at me even more.

Unarmed went pretty smoothly. I don't feel like describing anything. But here's a picture... Or not.

Screw this, I'm going to mope.
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