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27 February 2009 @ 11:05 pm
I Never Though I'd Die Alone; I Laugh The Loudest, Who'd Have Known?  
Today was pretty eventful.
(Notice how I start like, all my entries with "Today"? I'm so tricky.)

Since school was stupid and stuff, I'll just skip to everything afterschool.

Mo, Brian, Travis and I planned on walking down to LBJ's to grab some food and then go to the Marines Recruiting Station. We got our food and walked the two blocks over and it was closed. So we just sat on the staircase and ate our food.

Then, we walked back towards the school. Since Mo had to go home, I decided to go to the library and wait till 6:45 to go to the auditorium to get myself seats. It was great. My mom happened to see me walking down PCH, so she drove up and I hopped in and we drove around for a while.

Then, I went to the auditorium. Dylan was there, so I pretty much clung to him so I wouldn't end up sitting alone. He told me I could sit with him. I was happy. So we went and sat close to the front. I was being all awkward and I coulda sworn that I pissed him off somehow, but I guess not. Then Josh and Jono came and sat next to Dylan.

Play passed by. It was great, all my good friends did well. Especially Kyle. He gets honorable mention because he kicked ass.

Screw this, it's already tomorrow.
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