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14 February 2009 @ 08:59 pm
If There's A New Way, Well I'll Be The First In Line; Well It Better Work This Time!!  
Valentine's Day was horrible. I really didn't like having to sit at the bowling alley with a bunch of couples in the lanes around us just sitting and making out. It was very uncomfortable. I really don't like V-day. Kinda lame.

All day, I've been trying to keep a positive outlook. My mom gave me a $15 iTunes gift card. I bought "10 Things I Hate About You", My Name is Jonas by Weezer and the original version of Creep by Radiohead, so I have $8 left. I also got a new shirt at F.Y.E. for $5. It's really cool-looking... But when I put it on, it instantly lost cool points. It's a little too tight, but whatever.

I've been trying to talk to Dylan all day, but he's been really short with me. It's kinda making me worried. My mind keeps telling me that I should stop bothering him altogether so he can escape my annoying questions and stuff. I really wish I could just turn off my emotions so I wouldn't bother people. Especially Dylan, cuz I try to talk to him all the time. I really like him... Maybe a little too much. I notice everything about him. For example, he told me that he was going to log off and that he'd text me. That was a half hour ago, and still no text. Maybe he's busy. I don't know, but it makes me think that he really wants me to lay off. He told me that the reason why he doesn't reply to me sometimes is that he's just really forgetful. I guess I need to chill out and stop thinking that he hates me.

Because the other day, afterschool, he, Josh, and I walked over to the library to see Wall-E. At first, Josh wasn't gonna go because of his guitar lessons, but he changed his mind. So I had met Dylan over by Euro, as par usual. We walked to his locker, which he opened and closed, and started walking down to the lie-berry. Josh had met up with us and started walking, too, cuz Kyle was with him, but had to go to rehearsals. So, the three of us walked to the library and up to the room where they were gonna show Wall-E. We all hit the snacks and stood around awkwardly until the blonde lady told us that she was going to start the movie.

At this point, I was kinda thinking that Dylan and Josh were just going to sit by themselves, because they sat down together, with one empty space between Dylan and some random guy. So I thought he didn't want me near him. This creepy dude Eric kept patting his lap when I was looking around for somewhere to sit. I sat down next to my friend Zac Commins (Zachary Alexander Commins, lol) and kinda started an inner pity-party. I texted Dylan, ";_;" and struck up a conversation with Zac. Though, I kept sneaking peeks at Dylan. I love to look at him... Wow, that seems creepy. >_> But anyways, I saw him look down, then look at me. I did a pouty-lip for effect and then he looked back down. I knew he was replying. "O.O You know, I saved a seat for you..." was the text that came a few seconds later. I felt so retarded. I got up and pretended to go to the trash can, then nonchalantly slipped into the seat next to him.

I don't specifically remember too much, but I guess I remember that Dylan kept getting up during the movie to go and get Oreos. :P It was funny--and creepy--because whenever he'd sit back down, my heart would skip a few beats. Cheesy, I know, but it's true. I get all up in a tizzy when it comes to Dylan.

Monique had called me, so I ran out of the room to take the call. She asked me where I was, and sounded pissed at me. I was kinda sad, because I didn't mean for her to get mad at me. I don't like seeing her upset cuz I know it bothers her, too. So when I went back in, Dylan asked me what happened and I told him that Mo was pissed at me. Later, when Mo called again, it was to tell me to meet her. So when I came back in, I grabbed my bag and sat back down next to Dylan. I said that I had to leave and both Dylan and Josh seemed bummed that I was gonna leave. So I said "bye" and was about to leave, and Dylan said, "I was gonna offer to walk you down to the door, but I guess not..." I was like, "Nawww, let's go. c:" So we were walking down and he kept saying that I should just tell Mo to fuck off, but I told him that I was sleeping over at her house and that I didn't need her to be mad at me. He laughed. When we got to the door, he said, "Well, it was great seeing you." and I said, "Yeah, you too..." And we hugglededed. I love hugging him. And I already described his hugs, so yeah.

I wish I were less stupid.
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