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04 February 2009 @ 07:24 pm
You Say I'm Falling Behind, Can You Read My Mind?  
So... Today was pretty sucky, in all. It wasn't completely horrible, I guess. But the fact that I knew that Dylan was home, sick, kept me on edge with worry. I'm irrational, sometimes. -__-

Lesseee... Zero period was stupid, as usual. Nothing special. >_>

ROTC was kinda stupid, but I don't really care. We re-sized the platoon cuz so many people dropped at the end of the semester. So now, my squad is all jacked up. I have two cadets in it that don't give a crap about ROTC. The other three are amazing kids, and they're my precious babies. :3 I can be protective of my little chickadees, sometimes. Callaghan, Williams, and Holcombe. They're awesome. ^_^ But anyways, after we re-sized the platoon, we did some cleaning then went outside to drill. Here was the most stupid part of ROTC today: no one knows how to drill. No matter how many times we go over drilling, they don't retain anything. There are exceptions, of course, but most of these people can't even march correctly. Kind of irritating when you have to re-try just marching. Sighhhh...

In Euro, all we did was go over the SGQ's and stuff. We also watched a Powerpoint on Romanticism and stuff. It was pretty cool, since a lot of the artwork on there was very well done.

Bio was meh. All we did was sit and talk about random things, since Bhare didn't seem to want to make us take too many notes. So I sat next to my friend Weston and we complained about stuff. And we exchanged phone numbers and we were texting. Mahahahhaa.

Seventh period was fine, I guess. Annoying as heck though, cuz Fontno is in it now. *nauseated* That boy pisses me off in too many ways. Oh! We did get to learn how to spin our rifles!!! That was fun... But I hurt myself and got mud on my jeans. -_-

But yeah... To sum it all up nicely: I spent all day thinking about Dylan. :|

Why do I do these things to myself...?

I'd disclose more of my thoughts if I weren't so paranoid.... -_-
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